Healthcare projects

Health in the Villages

A number of small dispensaries in remote villages in Nepal are regularly stocked with basic medical supplies and medicines. For example, several of the villages in the Makwanpur region remain isolated for months every year due to the swelling water level of the river during the monsoon period; it is therefore vital for the approximately 8,000 people served by the dispensary to have significant stocks of basic materials and medicines.

Dental Camps

In collaboration with Kathmandu dentists, a prevention and treatment campaign is in progress aimed at children and small monks; the recent change in nutrition, with the introduction of manufactured sweets, is in fact causing a considerable increase in dental problems.

Medical Camps with Tibetan Medicine

In collaboration with Gangchen Drupkhang in Kathmandu, “medical camps” are organised in remote villages in Nepal that are without medical assistance; an experienced doctor in the millenarian traditional Tibetan medicine visits patients and the herbal compounds prepared by Gangchen Drupkhang are distributed free of charge.

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