Education for all

For children living in the villages of Nepal it is very difficult to receive an education: there is often no school, or it is very far away, or if there exists a school the building is often completely inadequate – especially after the 2015 earthquake, which saw the destruction of about 8,000 schools in the country. In many schools there is often only one teacher, and most village schools can only offer primary education. For the families in these villages, with an income of pure subsistence, books and school materials are a luxury they simple cannot even consider: so the children, even when they go to school, are often deprived of everything they need.

The association has supported several village schools in the pre-Himalayan area for years by donating school stationary – books, exercise books, pencils, pens, geometry sets and other materials necessary for the school year; paying for teachers’ salaries and the general running costs.

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