Water – Environmental – Agricultural Projects


Chapakhori Village Water Project


  • Plant a tree project in Central Tibet, China. On the Tibetan plateau, trees are rare and precious, due to the altitude and the aridity of the climate. Lacking their protection the earth becomes less fertile and at risk of landslides from the erosion caused by strong winds and intense heat. The project allowed the planting of tens of thousands of trees in the district of Dakshu, Central Tibet.


  • Supply and installation of a new hand pump for water in Sed Gyued Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal.


  • Construction of a water purification system using an underground water source for Gangchen Drupkhang Vocational Training Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal.


  • Sagoe Village (Tibet China): construction of a new large irrigation tank.


  • Himalayan Healing Centre Clinic, Kathmandu, Nepal: donation of solar panels for the production of electricity.


  • Singma and Gangchen Villages (Tibet China): installation of filters offering unlimited access to drinking water.
  • Gangchen Samling School, Kathmandu Nepal: donation of water purification filters.


  • Singma and Gangchen Villages (Tibet China): drilling to a depth of 60 meters to bring to the surface an abundant vein of water; installation of a pump, laying of underground pipes to channel water to the villages and the creation of an irrigation basin.


  • To improve the agricultural yield, donation of a tractor to each village in the Dakshu Shan region, Tibet China.
  • Donation of solar panels for Nye Village Clinic, Tibet China.


  • Aqueduct for Riwo Choeling Monastery in (Tibet China).


  • Construction of an irrigation basin in Gangchen village, (Tibet / China).


  • Construction of an aqueduct and a reservoir for drinking water for Gangchen village, Clinic and Monastery, Tibet China.