Mission & Vision


Fondazione Lama Gangchen Help in Action Onlus offers humanitarian aid in favour of Himalayan communities: education, health, environmental care, protection of the weakest, interventions in emergency situations.

It also works to preserve and cultivate the ancient artistic, handicraft, medical and spiritual traditions of the Himalayas, a patrimony for all humanity.


May all beings:

  • have happiness and its causes
  • be free from suffering and its causes
  • never be separated from the great happiness that is beyond all misery
  • abide in equanimity free from prejudice, greed and hatred
  • recover from the sicknesses of mind and body pollution and enjoy relative and absolute health now and forever
  • relax in a pure and healthy outer and inner environment now and forever
  • enjoy inner and world peace now and forever

(Lama Gangchen Rinpoche: the seven limitless meditations)