Adopt a Tibetan monk

Help reaches, through the “adoption” at a distance of a monk, a number of Tibetan monasteries in Tibet/China, India and Nepal.

Here the precious and ancient spiritual, cultural, artistic and medical traditions of Tibet are preserved; and here many children find the opportunity to study according to their tradition.

But the monasteries are very poor: they lack the money to ensure sufficient food, to buy medicines, clothes, shoes, blankets, mattresses, books.

Even the buildings, often recently reconstructed, are generally extremely precarious and the roofs, walls and windows require constant repairs, also due to the extreme climates of these regions.

After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, the monasteries we support welcomed numerous children left without a family (or whose family, having lost their homes and possessions, are not able at least temporarily to take care of them).

Through the adoption of a monk, – child or adult – a beautiful human relationship is created, and the monastery is helped to survive.