Education and Vocational Training


Renovation and donation of benches for schools in the villages of Nye and Dakshu, Tibet China.


Renovation and donation of benches for schools in the villages of Mol Lo Shang and Sed Shang, Tibet China.


Reconstruction of school in the village of Shongma Shan, Tibet China.


Construction of Gangchen Samling School, from kindergarten to class 8 – Kathmandu, Nepal.


Distribution of school materials, for one year, to all the students of the schools in the villages of Dhonnang, Kyeshun, Nyeshar, Nye, Singma, Pandin (Tibet China). Funds for the maintenance and repairs of school buildings.


Knitting and sewing courses for single mothers in difficulty; Kathmandu, Nepal.

Construction of Nepu Village school, Tibet (project supported by Chiesi Farmaceutici).

Construction of a new school for the village of Pandin, Tibet China (to replace the small and dilapidated building, threatened by the high water level of a nearby river).

Construction of Gangchen Drupkhang Vocational Training Centre, Kathmandu Nepal: training in traditional Himalayan handicrafts with particular attention given to the young, unemployed, single mothers, disadvantaged people; preservation of traditional artistic cultures such as painting, wood carving, incense production, preparation of traditional Tibetan medicinal compounds.


Construction of a new kitchen and dining hall for Nye Village elementary school, Tibet China; furniture; distribution of personal sets of plates and cutlery to about 400 students boarding in the school from surrounding villages.


Construction of a new wing for the nursery of Gangchen School in Kathmandu; purchase of new computers; realisation of a science laboratory; expansion of classes to offer up to class 9 (Kathmandu, Nepal).


  • Construction of a protective wall around Nye Village school, exposed to strong winds and dust (Tibet China); generator for electricity, new mattresses and blankets for children’s rooms.
  • Gangchen Samling School, Kathmandu, Nepal: expansion of classes to offer up to the class 10.


  • Nye School, Tibet China: donation of a tractor with trailer for transporting children to and from their villages, foodstuffs and necessary materials; new blankets, a machine for washing, disinfecting and cutting vegetables; photocopier for the school office.


  • Gangchen Samling School, Kathmandu, Nepal: construction of 4 new classrooms for the students of classes 9 and 10.  


  • Following the earthquake in Nepal, supply of temporary roofing materials to 7 schools, of water tanks to 3 schools; complete financial support for the Shree Jana Bhuwana elementary school in Shikharpur village, for an academic year, in order to guarantee a continuous education for 90 children (continued in 2016 and 2017).
  • Gangchen Samling School in Kathmandu, Nepal: construction of temporary outdoor classrooms with tents to allow lessons in the months of aftershocks following the earthquake. Construction of two new classrooms thanks to the support of Chiesi Farmaceutici.


  • Reconstruction of Gangchen Drupkhang Vocational Training Centre in Kathmandu, severely damaged by the April 2015 earthquake.


  • Complete renovation of a new building for Gangchen Samling School (Kathmandu, Nepal), able to accommodate the growing requests for registration (up to about 700 students, compared to the previous capacity of about 350-400). Construction of 35 classrooms, 16 toilets, science and computer lab, playground, theatre area.